And It’s a No…

I have been waiting for many months for the verdict from the Quebec Government on whether Julianna is eligible for the handicapped allowance supplement and they finally came back saying “No”.

This doesn’t surprise me, but it is disappointing.

Based on how long it took to get the response I was expecting it to be negative, but I was really hoping for them to say yes.  This means that I now have to appeal and that may not be the easiest process.

I have also been informed that the Quebec government has no funding for autism so I am not sure if this plays a part in their decision or not….

I hope not as I have until the beginning of December to appeal and I really hope that I will get a YES verdict next time. But if their decision is based on no funding then I doubt their verdict will end up changing.

My psychologist is going to help me to do the appeal as she knows how overwhelming many things can be for me.

I am very blessed to have her by my side as she really understands what is going on with me and is kind enough to help me accomplish things I need to and guide me to helping me feel better.

Now all I am waiting for is for Summit school to review her application and see if they have a place for her next fall.  We have to wait until Spring of next year, when they start their evaluation process, to hear more about this.

So out of the three things I had applied for 2 of the 3 responses have come in.

At least we are getting somewhere, even though it may take a lot more fighting to get to where we want to end up being for Juli.


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