Sensory Issue Tonight :(…

Poor thing.

I just spent the last hour plus minutes VERY slowly working a tuffet of a knot out of her hair because when I told her that I would GENTLY comb the knot out of her hair tomorrow, she got a complete look of fear of her face and when into hysterics.  This is what having a sensory disorder is like 😦

She has not gone into hysterics like that in a while. She still has a LOT of sensory issues with her head. The most of her whole body.  But since she has such soft hair she doesn’t really need to have a huge comb job more than once a day often. Just a couple swipes and she is good to go.

She normally lets me do it too. She will comb her hair on her own – not doing a very good job, but at least she is doing it and then she will let me finish up with 2-3 last ones where I will try and make it looked actually combed lol…

Except for tonight. Her first knot in a long time.

Not a good reaction. So here I am waiting a while after she has fallen asleep, so I can save her the pain and fear tomorrow, and praying that I can work this knot out deftly with my fingers while she is sleeping without waking her up.  Otherwise it’s not going to be fun tomorrow – for either of us…

70-80 minutes later and I think I finally got it all out with out pulling her hair too much. Not enough to wake her up at least.

PHEW!!!  “That was a close one” as she would say lol :)… I saved that one – yay me!!


2 thoughts on “Sensory Issue Tonight :(…

  1. I’m so amazed that you can comb her hair without her waking up! My daughter is such a light sleeper. She doesn’t have sensory issues but I do understand a small part of the battle of combing hair in general. I was just talking to a friend of mine about her son who has sensory issues and learned a lot! You mamas are amazing!


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