Monday’s are the toughest – a double whammy

Monday’s are often really hard days, for both Juli and I.

It kind of feels like a double whammy. For Juli its emotionally based and for me it’s mentally based and routine based.

Juli asks us every day “is daddy going to work tomorrow?” If tomorrow is a weekday we tell her yes. And if tomorrow is a weekend then we tell her no. Sunday’s are hard as that is when daddy has been home for two days and now tomorrow he has to work.

Omgosh, when she wakes up on Monday morning and asks if daddy is at work and I tell her yes, the first thing out of her mouth is “I don’t want daddy to be at work!” She yells this at me with tears.

Breaks my heart….

It can take her anywhere from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes sometimes more to calm down and be ok with the fact that daddy is at work. Once she is ok, then she is able to start doing what she needs to do like eat and get ready for school.

For me though it is very hard to calm her down from this while at the same time trying to keep myself on focused and on track with the Monday routine.

I have been working on weekend schedule for the past two days and even though two days doesn’t seem long it really is to me.

So now I’ve got to go from “I’ve got him home to help me” mode to “I’ve got to get this done with it just being me” mode. And at the same time I have to help her calm down and regulate herself and not allow myself to get absorbed in that and lose track of time all the while trying to change modes and regulate myself.

Sometimes like this morning I don’t manage this very well. It’s really hard to help your child get through being upset when you don’t feel right yourself….

Monday’s can definitely feel like double whammy days. They don’t start feeling normal or better for me until around 5:30pm or so. Probably because at that point JP will be home soon and Juli understands this and that makes her feel better. Also by then I’ve had time to get into gear and finally things start to fall into place for me too.

A like Monday’s in one way because the craziness of the weekend ends, but in other ways not so much as what I’ve described here happens most Monday’s…..

As I mentioned in my previous post, I think the one good thing that happened today was that Juli had a good eating day. But other than that it was very much a typical double whammy Monday…….


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