Super Excited for Pj party, lol :)

She is super ecstatic for her Pyjama Party Friday night :).

Ethan’s Playground holds a PJ party babysitting service every second Friday and Juli adores going. It’s great for the parents as it’s gentle on the bank account and tons of fun for the kids.

Last time there wasn’t enough attendance as people were probably doing other things for the Thanksgiving weekend. So I had to tell Juli she couldn’t go the morning after telling her the previous night that she would be going to PJ party.

That didn’t go over well :(. She went into complete meltdown and it took her a good few hours to feel regulated again. The poor thing, her day was really thrown off a lot and she just couldn’t manage to feel right for a lot of the day….

That was a super hard day for her….

So when I told her before bed tonight that she was going to PJ party in two days, well she was more than ecstatic lol :).

She has supper there, goes on the indoor slides, has pizza, eats popcorn and/or goldfish crackers, does crafts and watches a movie. It’s the highlight of her week lol.

And it’s happening this Friday.

And I get 4 hours to do what I want. Often I will take advantage and spend time with one of my best friends.

The PJ party place is in my old area so when I’m out there I “live” at my best friends house. I say “live” as I’m out there a lot during the month and have no where to stay in between the places I have to go. So I spend that time at my bff’s :).

Juli loves being there too. Always asks when we are going to see them :).

So last night I told her about PJ party and she gets to see “Auntie” as well.

This is one of her favorite days of the week and maybe one of mine too lol 🙂


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