Juli’s Visit to the Dentist….

Juli’s trip to the dentist ended up being both triumphant and sad.

I’m sure the triumphant wins, but the sad aspect is still there…

The dental assistant and I managed after about 10 minutes of explaining to her over and over that “if you let them look at your teeth nicely, you won’t have to lie down”…

It literally took us at least 10 minutes to make her believe/understand this.

Her biggest upset was having to lie in the dentist lap and be held down while he looks at her teeth. Because she was so hysterical the last times that is what had to happen as she wouldn’t even let him touch her :(.

Up until we walked into the reception area she was really excited to go. She had been watching Caillou’s dentist story for the past day, and was actually excited to go….

That is till we got to the reception area….

I’m not sure if she was expecting to go to Caillou’s dentist, because the minute she walked into hers she went into a complete meltdown.

I reminded her about Caillou’s time, but she just kept saying that she didn’t want to be at the dentist.

I was practically having to hold onto her to keep her from running out :(.

It didn’t take long for the assistant to call us :).

Then I explained to Jodie what was going on and what Juli was scared of.

Then we began to try to convince her that it was going to be ok. Poor thing could not stop crying :(… I felt my heart breaking for her.

Next came feelings of complete pride and excitement….


She sat up in the big girl chair and let Jodie do the cleaning. Then we convinced her to let the dentist count her teeth. She let him all the while the tears are just pouring down her cheeks….

But most important – SHE LET HIM DO IT!

I was practically in tears myself. Scratch that, they were coming down my cheeks too :). I was so happy for her and proud of her!!!!

Way to go Juli!!!!

Then came the sad part. When she was done and out of the chair, the dentist looked at me and told me that she has cavities and will have to have anesthesia to get them filled. He knows that he can’t do it himself.

My stomach dropped. Cavities.

He said it’s quite normal for autistic kids since their mouths are so super sensitive. He often finds cavities between the teeth as she can’t reach in there properly and get between them to clean them properly :(.

They also can’t do X-Ray there as she would move too much and that is dangerous. So they will do X-ray when they get her under anesthesia to see exactly what her teeth look like.

I have to call on Monday to book the appointment for during the month of November.

So now I have to debate on whether to put white fillings in or the silver covered by Medicare. I don’t mind the silver I’m just concerned with what kind of meltdowns or freak outs that will cause each time she looks at her teeth.

We teach her that she brushes her teeth till they are shiny white. Whenever she has anything including lip gloss on her teeth she flips out. How will she handle seeing silver each time she looks in there…???


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