It’s been a hard 4 days for Juli…

My hubby, her daddy, has been in Toronto for the last 4 days for work and Juli has been the most affected by this. She really missed him.

As soon as he was out of view down the road on Thursday she realized what him leaving really meant and she just balled her eyes out for about 15 minutes. Repeating that she wanted him back.

I spent a lot of time with her that day, both because she was sick the night before and because now she was missing her daddy.

Friday was easier for her as it was a pretty busy day. She really wanted daddy when she was at the dentist, but other than that it wasn’t so bad.

Saturday was a pretty hard day for her. She had a hard time getting up for cheerleading. I think her body was still trying to recover from Wednesday night. She went into a complete meltdown as we were getting ready :(.

She just sat there and cried for about 30 minutes. Couldn’t move. Poor thing….

I had to get ready so I was trying to calm her down by talking to her while I got ready. Obviously didn’t work as you can’t talk to her when she’s in a meltdown.

So I got all ready and then went and just held her so she could calm down.

Once we got home from cheer, she was super excited to FaceTime him, but he was sleeping and didn’t answer. That wasn’t easy for her to handle.

After we got through that we had a quiet rest of the afternoon and she was super excited to FaceTime with him later in the evening.

We told her her was coming home tomorrow, meaning today and that sent her over the moon!

She has not stopped asking when he is coming home since she got up this morning lol.

She probably looked out the window about 15 times in the first hour after she woke up till I explained that he is coming home tonight when it’s REALLY dark outside.

I first tried to get explain it to her that he is coming home when she is really tired and getting ready to sleep. So immediately she told me she was tired and wanted to go to bed lol.

Yeah, woops, let’s rephrase that lol.

So now she is impatiently waiting for him to get home and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when he does :).

It has been a really tough, emotional 4 days for her, and for that I’m glad it’s over.


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