I’ve got to try….

I need to try and get organized. I won’t be able to start being able to function properly in life till I get organized.

I used to be the queen of organization, then shitty things happened and my brain got overwhelmed coping and all my organization to cope with normal life went out the window. I lost the mental ability to organize and then well everything got so behind that facing it just wasn’t possible.

Well lately, I’ve been realizing that I’m not going to be able to claim back the person I want to be, the person I need to be, the person I miss being until I try and get organized again.

So I’m starting small. I have to or else I will get overwhelmed too easily.

Even starting small is overwhelming though :(.

Baby steps.

I had a small pile of papers and things. That was my goal today. It was max an hour of work and it took me 5 hours, but I got it done.

The big job will be my office. Since we moved here it has been the got to place for everything and anything.

Now I need to start slowly clearing it out and organizing my stuff as that is where my desk is and that is therefore where I need to be able to organize myself.

Going to be a challenge. I’m going to have to be easy on myself and understanding.

I just hope I can work on this without getting too discouraged or overwhelmed…..

Wish my luck :)!


4 thoughts on “I’ve got to try….

  1. I so feel you! I have been struggling with this too. I think the problem is that I let myself get overwhelmed, instead of just picking a few to-dos to focus on each day. I think that’s the key…just try to get at least one thing done per day. 🙂 (Visiting via the blog love tribe.)

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  2. i totally feel you! What I do to stay organized is write a list each morning. I start with things that have to get done, then list the things I’d like to get done that day. Then I prioritize and do them by which is fastest and easiest to get them out of the way first. Our bedroom is a catch all room! I finally just purged a bunch of stuff and it feels so much better to de-clutter! Good luck! I know you can do it, Mama! #bltribedare

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