Slowly, but surely :)

I’m pretty proud of myself these days. I have been working on my organizing and I’m actually getting somewhere :).

I try and just do a little bit each day so that I don’t get overwhelmed. That is important. And the minute I feel a bit frustrated or discouraged – I stop.

I’m quite impressed.

I have managed to get through 4 smallish boxes of filing and a couple of shopping bags since Wednesday.

It may have taken me many hours to do instead of an hour or two for the average person, but at least I’m managing to do it :).

This is stuff that has been waiting for a few years to be organized. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it and really trying to get organized.

I’m starting to notice a difference in the office. That makes me feel really awesome.

I’ve been trying to attack this for a LONG time and it’s finally getting somewhere.

This is just the beginning of getting my life under control and organized. This is the beginning of me working towards becoming the organized person that I really miss being 🙂

I remember how I used to be. Organized. In control. Neat and tidy. I miss that and NEED to get that back.

I will get that back. I give myself till the end of the year.

Being organized is how I handle my life being off. With Asperger’s it causes you to really feel anxious because you can’t control your life around you. Organizing all of this helps me to cope with everything else I can’t control and help me cope a little bit easier with all of the craziness lol….

At least now I’ve gone from not being able to use my desk to now having a functional desk with boxes emptied, filed away and the boxes in the recycle.

Pretty good so far for a start :).


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