New year – working on me :)

I know that many people do resolutions for New Years, but I find that puts too much pressure on me.

I prefer to make a list of things that I want to continue to or start working on to help me achieve some goals that I want to achieve.

I have spent a good amount of time today thinking of what happened in 2014. A lot of good things happened. Mainly we got a diagnosis for Juli and I got my diagnosis :). Both of those have improved my life :).

Since that happened I have been able to understand myself a whole lot more and work on parts of my life that weren’t good. I’ve been able to get help and tweak myself to be able to feel better about who I am and know that I can and DO love myself for how I am.

So my New Years tasks are going to be things that will help me to continue working on myself and help to me to get healthier.

And no, I’m not talking about my Asperger’s (Autism), I’m talking about working on parts of my mental and my physical health.

My first task it to work on eating better. Anyone that knows me knows that when I do eat, I can eat a pretty decent plate, but actually getting me to sit down and eat that meal is the practically impossible task.

I make sure that I am a mother hen to Juli and I get her to eat as much as she can for at least three meals a day, but by the time I finish focusing on her I’m so focused on getting other things done that I don’t think of eating anything myself. I know this is important to work on so I have made it one of my New Years tasks :).

Doing this (eating better) will also be the start of my getting healthier and working on a healthier lifestyle. That will lead into exercising more. The better I am eating, the better I will feel and that will encourage me to get my body healthier :). To help with this hubby got me a Fitbit for Cmas/New Years present :). I’m very excited!

And since I also know that I can’t put too much on myself I have thought really hard and come up with one other important thing to work on. There are many others – trust me. But if I have to big a list it will just get overwhelming and I will not be able to face it.

So my second thing is to steadily work on my finances. I want to keep more focus on them and by doing this I can work on saving as much money as I can. The goal is for a house in 2016 and this will help to accomplish that.

Welcome to 2015 everyone!!!! I hope it will be an awesome year for us all ☺️🌟🎉🎊


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