Started the Day Right….

A friend of mine who is also on their own health journey gave me a very wise tip that one of the first things you should do when you get up in the morning is drink down your first glass of water.

It helps to stimulate your appetite and get your body going…

Your body is used to drinking water all day long and so when you have not had much through the night, your body is really looking forward to the first glass when you wake up :).

I’m happy to say that I accomplished this today …. First glass done and onto my second. The Water Your Body app says that I need to drink about 6 glasses a day for my body weight.

I’m also finding it nice that since I drank the recommended amount of water yesterday I didn’t actually crave any soft drinks. First day in a while that this has happened. I’m quite happy about that too 🙂


One thought on “Started the Day Right….

  1. Exercising efficiently is the key..your base to your pyramid of strength is weight training …and yes as the stresses increase you must understand how tiny sometimes the forward baby steps must be or even needing to back off a little bit …but never stopping…and when the energy systems allow ….then you increase ….and always change..change change ….add yoga and or cardio as your conditioning improves…But always weight training is the first thing you do…. your body adapts within weeks to anything you do…. so again changing the exercises is the key …if you suffer from inflammations and gut imbalances you mustn’t dip into your reserve systems…


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