We decided to see a Homeopath…

I believe very strongly in the natural route whenever possible and I have been accepting the fact that Juli is not losing her hyper-ness. In fact it may be getting worse.

I know that this will not be good in the fall when she starts school in the public system so I decided now might be the time necessary to consult with a homeopath concerning her hyper activity and her in-ability to fall asleep fast at night.

There are times when she seems to have “ants in her pants” as the saying goes and she just can’t stop moving and can be practically climbing the walls or the couch or the bed or using using one of us as a jungle gym lol…

She needs to calm down…

She is also still needing a few hours in the evening to fall asleep. We start trying to work her into the bedtime routine around 7:30pm and she still can’t seem to stop moving till about 8:30pm sometimes 9pm and still often doesn’t fall asleep till between 10:30-11pm.

I know many people that work with Autism have told me that this is what happens with Autistic kids that are on the craving movement side of the spectrum and I understand that. That’s ok. I just want to do everything we can to make it as easy a transition into regular school for her as possible…

Enter the Homeopath.

She has suggested Epsom salt baths, added B vitamin complex supplement into her diet and she has put Juli on neuro drops.  We go with all of this for a couple months and see how it works with her. Then we take it from there and see if we need to take another step :).

I’m excited and looking forward to seeing some improvements.

I know it will take a lot of time. After all it took over a year of OT to achieve the huge changes we got and it may take just as long for this, but I’m confident we can help her with her hyper-activity and get Juli on the right track :).


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