Day 1….

I saw my family doctor today.

Today is the day I start the Zoloft.  I just took my first capsule.  One week on a low dose and then I move up a notch.

We will see what this prescription does. I know it can take up to a few weeks to give me the full affect, so we will see.  There is a good chance I will feel no change with this one pill.  I understand that, but I can still hope for a positive change right :)?

I know that the bottle tells me all of the possible side effects, majority being that it could cause insomnia or drowsiness lol. Not sure which I’d prefer. I’m already half way towards insomnia….It also mentions upset stomach but that one tends to skip by me.

Oh well, I’m keeping a positive mind that I won’t have any.

We will see. Wish me luck and Ill let you know what tomorrow brings.


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