We learn as we go…

The day started wrong, but eventually it improved.

I’m not used to eating properly. When I do eat, I do eat well, it’s just remembering to eat and making time to eat. That’s where I have the kinks lol.

I don’t think I remembered to eat enough yesterday, and since I’ve been doing my trampoline running I have to eat even more. Well, I don’t think I listened to my body enough yesterday and I think I paid the price for it today :(…

I woke up this morning, got up and right away felt a bit of nausea and a migraine hit. Two of my signs that I didn’t eat enough lately. Usually it takes 2-3 days of not eating right to get those symptoms, but I have been exercising more and therefore burning more calories so it makes sense that I would feel those signs of not eating right a lot more quickly…..

So I took my Advils – I hate taking chemical medicines – which until the Zoloft kicks in, are the only thing that helps my migraines, and I made sure to eat well every 3-4 hours today to make sure I did right by my body today. And to make sure that I could absorb all of those calories and nutrients, I took the day off from my running.

The nausea went away by early to mid afternoon thankfully :). Unfortunately though I still have the migraine right now. But that’s ok I’m used to them hanging around for a while lol… 5 mins for it to get started and 5 days sometimes for it to go away……… Not fair lol!

But at least I’m feeling better and ready for back to running tomorrow :). And when I do I have to make sure that I make time to eat and drink right too.


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