Anxiety is not easy…..

It’s very hard to have anxiety come back when you get a bit of relief from it……

I had a bit of relief from it since I started the Zoloft on Friday night. It’s a really great feeling. The anxiety doesn’t all go away, but a bit does and I feel so much calmer 🙂

It sucks however when I come close to my next close, it starts to wear off and all the anxiety and tight feelings come back.

It was almost too much for me tonight…. To have some relief and then to lose it all and get the anxiety all back…

I felt horrible tonight.

I am really looking forward to Friday when I get to increase the dosage to the next level.

So far no or very minimal side effects. In fact I might actually be sleeping a bit better. We’ll see how tonight goes….

Tonight was dose #3 and it may not do a huge difference, but it’s definitely one I can feel :), and I’m very thankful for that.


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