Today was an off day….

Today was pretty much an off day.

Monday’s are often messed up for me as I have to adjust to going from all of us being home together to being alone with Juli.

For most that is not much, but for me each Monday it is an adjustment.

Today was totally off. Juli wasn’t feeling well last night. She had a fever for a few hours. I think it was part of the detox release from the remedy the homeopath gave her a few weeks ago.

The homeopath said it could take up to 4-6 week and could present like a cold or fever, but it would be very short in duration. That is just what this was – short.

It was only a few hours, but it left her very tired out. So she stayed home today and spent most of the day in my arms.

The most important thing is to make sure Juli is comfortable and feels safe, but I was out of whack lol.

Only around 4pm when she finally started getting her energy back and feeling more herself was I able to get some things done and feel more regulated myself 🙂

I’m just glad things are now getting back on track and hopefully the rest of my week can go a bit more normally…


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