A really good day….

Today was a really good day. I spent time with my cat clients that I adore as much as my own Bells; I had a lovely quiet morning and I went to a nice restaurant to celebrate my father-in-laws birthday.

He is an amazing man and he reminds me of a cuddly teddy bear.  I really admire him!

Today was a lovely day and it was one of the first peaceful and relatively stress-free New Years that I have had. I attribute this to my being on the medication and having my cats to take care of.

The medication helps me to feel much calmer and not wound up.  Add that onto getting to spend part of the day with 2 of my favourite cat clients, and it pretty much makes it almost the perfect day.

Having no migraine would have made it perfect, but that is a whole other story…..

I’m just thankful that I started the year off right. This way the other 364 days can follow today’s lead ☺️


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