Taking a moment…

Sometimes I just stop what I’m doing and take a moment to think and be thankful….

I am truly blessed in my life and I like to think about it sometimes.

Helps keep me grounded….

I’m so blessed to have 2 beautiful amazing daughters. One here and unfortunately one not with me.

Julianna is so sweet, smart, kind, funny, dramatic and just pure awesome! And I’m so thankful for her.

I have a great family.

A husband that loves me, whom I love back even more.

I have the unconditional love of my cat and 2 piggies.

I have some pretty wonderful friends.

I think I’m pretty blessed and I’m very grateful for it all ☺️

So sometimes I just like to stop what I’m doing, take a moment, and really think about it all. Gives me a nice warm comforting feeling, and makes me feel happy.


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