Couldn’t get regulated….

Had a pretty hard morning today….

We had to go shopping for hubby’s phone and Juju was having a rough day sensory wise. No matter what she wore or did, she just couldn’t get regulated :(….

She had changed her clothes about 5 times by 10:30am and she had only been up since 8:30am.

I could tell this was going to be a long day….

When she is feeling like this, I try and help, but there isn’t much I can do. Just be supportive. That’s really hard for me though as I know what she is going through because I go through the same thing.  But unfortunately I can’t fix her feeling like this…

And trying to get out of the house when she is feeling like that is next to impossible.

That involves trying to find the warm outfit that feels right on her body and under her coat… It involves finding the right hat and the right mitts that are comfortable on her wrist under her coat.

It’s very hard to understand sensory issues unless you have them… And even if you do everyone is different so you don’t know exactly what they are feeling…

I just have to listen to what she tells me as she knows what she is feeling and she’s doing her best to put it into words.

It took me about an hour to get her ready to go out the door for a trip that would probably have us back home in less than 2 hours…..

Times like this are really rough. Sometimes it can take her a day or two to feel regulated again. Luckily this time it only took till the evening.

Days like this remind me of the harder days of dealing with autism and sensory issues, and make me very thankful for the easier going days :).


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