Hard weeks ahead….

My mom went into the hospital at the end of November 2015.  She was feeling really awful.

She has type 2 diabetes and they found her blood sugar was too high as well as some of her other medications needed to really be adjusted.

She was a mess emotionally and I was relieved as I knew the hospital was the best place for her to get taken care of.

It was determined by the hospital that her current place of residence is no longer suited for her and it was agreed by the landlord and shut down.

When this happened it was a crazy rush for me to get it cleared out and into storage.

That was during the Christmas 2 weeks and that was really an ordeal to take care of while taking care of my sweet kitties at the same time.

Now we have to find my mom a new home suited to her needs. That won’t be easy.

The doctors and specialists determined that she needs help and certain services. I agree, but my mom doesn’t.

That is where the difficult part comes in…… Finding the perfect place for mom – that takes care of her needs – that SHE loves…..

That is going to be the challenge. What she wants, is not what’s best for her……


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