So much going on….

This is the first few minutes I’ve had a chance to sit down and relax in about the last 24 hours….

So much is going on….

I went from not having any leads for a residence for my mom to go to on Thursday, to having to run out the door on a spur of the moment yesterday for a visit in just over an hour, when it takes me almost an hour to get to my mom.

I have not stopped since I started going at 11:30am yesterday!! I came home last night and practically passed out on my bed within minutes. Woke up this morn and been Non-stop the whole day…phew!!!!

Feels really good to stop!!!

I have a lot to do tomorrow! Tons of forms to fill in and phone calls to make. I need to make sure she has her tv to watch when she moves into her apartment. Also have to plan and organize a few more things to complete her setup.

Tomorrow is going to be so busy 😦


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