Good morning!

Some days I can’t seem to find my way and get going on the day – that was totally yesterday.

So far this is a pretty good morning :)! I’ve managed to have a pretty productive morning up to now. Drove Juju into school and got to see her interact with her friends; came back home and stripped Juju’s bed and am in the process of washing her sheets.

My bed comes next. Strip bed, wash sheets and put on nice clean sheets.

I’ve watered and fed all my plants and going to give my palm a “haircut” shortly. Plus I’ve also managed to get half way to my goal and it’s not even 9:30am ☺️!!!!

Now to sit down for a small break and try my new organic, light roast coffee, yummy!!!! Light roast is my fav!!!

And yes, this new coffee is VERY good :).

A few minutes for me and then back to the chores…..


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