Feeling safe feels good :)

There are times when I experience a situation that prior to being diagnosed I would not understand why things are the way they are. But now since I found out that I have Asperger’s I have quite a few “ah, that’s why!” Moments….

Those moments feel really good. It’s like a sense of completion :). It’s like something that I always thought was broken in me or I didn’t know why I was different, I now have a reason and know that it’s ok to be exactly how I am 🙂

I had one of those moments on Saturday after juju’s cheer comp. I was with her cheer group which is full of people who understand special needs :).

They are watching a movie and they are all laughing like crazy at this movie. I look at the movie and I don’t understand what they are laughing at….. In fact, I found the movie a bit stupid.

Out of every 10 jokes that they said, I got maybe 2 of them….

What felt the most amazing though is that since I’m with all of the team parents I was in a safe environment and I didn’t have to worry about what they thought of me 🙂

That feels so good!!! 


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