Today is Tbd…

Usually when I start my day, I have a pretty good idea of where I’ll be heading and what I’ll be doing. I have a plan for the day – doesn’t mean it will happen like it – but I have a plan.

Today is an up in the air day. A To Be Determined day. A wait for the forces that be to dictate kind of day.

Today is one of those days.

We were up in time this morning and Juli was fantastic and got ready for school in good timing. I was super proud of her! She even put her snowsuit on, and asking me for help (and at the same time telling me not to look at her surprise, which of course was her getting her outdoor clothes on without being asked LOL). I love when she does that!!! It’s so adorable!!!!

We got out the door on time to take her to her bus, but then we hit a snag….

The van doors were sealed shut by the ice. So I began yanking at the door, pulling and tugging, but it was being really stubborn. If I didn’t know better I would think that something didn’t want me in my van that fast.

Well, I finally got inside with Juli and when I looked at the time, I realized that we had missed her bus. So that means driving her to school. This is something I’m trying to avoid as she is having a hard time with the bus again and I don’t want to encourage it by driving her to school :(….

Unfortunately today there is no choice. And then I find out that there is a reason for it.

The forces that be are looking out for us.

When we got to the school, we found out that the school has no power, so they were debating letting the kids stay or send them home.

Juli would have been petrified getting to school by bus and having to go into a dark school…. As it was I had to let the door monitor know that she is autistic and petrified of the dark. He had her stick with him until there was a break in students entering and then he would bring her straight to  her teacher :).

And so I headed home realizing I have her money to buy her lunch, but if the power doesn’t come back on in time, she will have to come home as they wont be able to use the kitchen to make lunch for the kids. And if the power doesn’t come on by snack time, then they are contemplating having the parents come and pick up the I kids….

So as of now, this is a day where I’ll be basically anticipating and preparing for a call from the school….. In other words – don’t go far LOL!

For now, I get a coffee and start doing some chores while I wait for this day to play itself out…..

Happy Hump Day….. 😕🤔


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