Day 3 :(…

Days 3 of a stubborn migraine.

I woke up with this not welcome friend on Saturday morning and it still doesn’t want to leave me alone….

It’s very draining to have a migraine.  I’m just thankful I don’t get them as bad as some people I know.

I’m trying to devote tonight to relaxing in hope it will get the message that it’s not welcome anymore lol…

I’m curled up in bed in cozy pj’s, with my crotchet work and a mug of Precious White Peach tea.

Hopefully this will do the trick as I have a busy month end week ahead of me for Make Green Go Green! Lots of exciting things going on and I’m helping a couple wonderful ladies get going with the team ☺️.

It’s going to be a mixed bag week. Great things with the MGGG team, but I’ve also got Katie’s anniversary of her passing on the 26th :(….


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