Two opposites in one day…

Juju has a lot if sensory issues and they are strong higher up in her body, especially her head.

She is very particular in what hairstyle I can do for her. I can make tight ponytails, but they have to be almost at her neck. I have to make it as “down” as I can. She can’t handle it if there are even two finger spaces under it.

And trust me I have learned how to do the perfect one through many tries and remove and try again….

This afternoon she came to me and surprised me by asking me to put a whole bunch of tight braids in all over her hair. I was shocked and made sure she really wanted me to do this…

I have attempted this before and gotten as far as the first braid at her temple and she couldn’t handle it. It has been a while since she has asked though.

So I had her choose her holders and I proceeded to make as many braids as I could get in…. And she actually let me do it!

I was blown away!

I am so proud of her! This is a wonderful accomplishment!

And she actually kept them in for a couple hours 😊

She wore them outside to play and when her friend joined her she was showing off her braids to her friend :). She was so proud of them :)!

After a little while of playing her friend had to go inside for supper. Juju was invited to go downstairs and join them…

Juju has had a very hard time going different places lately, even familiar ones like school. This friend of hers lives one floor down from us in the basement. But Juju is terrified to go down there if I don’t come with her 😦

So I had to stop the chores that I was doing and take her downstairs. She wanted to go, but she was so afraid she was shaking and I practically had to drag her down the stairs :(. Even though she has gone down there to play with this friend quite a few times, she is always scared to do it without me or her dad….

She stayed right next to me for the first 20-30 minutes that we were there before she even willing to think about freely moving around.

She has gotten much worse in this way. At least before as long as we came with her she was ok to do things as long as she could see me or her dad. This time she had to stay close enough to me that she could touch me :(.

After a while she left my side, but asked me where I was going anytime that I walked around. She was so afraid I was going to go back upstairs and leave her there :(….



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