She’s definitely a girly girl :)

I haven’t been feeling my usual self the last few days, but at least Juju has been in school so I didnt have to worry about her.

Now the weekend is here and my hubby is in TO for work and Juju is here with me.

I spent most of the morning resting in bed. Juju relaxed with me and was being the sweetheart she is trying to help me feel better ❤️

She decided to do her nails with new nail polish I just got yesterday :). It’s a neat polish that super hardens so that it stays on your nails for about 7 days. I love it!!!

She kept me company while she perfected her nails ☺️, and then she asked me if I had any eyeshadow lol. She hasn’t ventured into any make-up except for lip gloss and lip balm, so she surprised me with this!

They grow up so fast!!!!!

She is already going to be 7 in a couple months, and I’m sure she is going to be very big into make – up as the years go by….

I told her, and showed her how to put different things on and she’s really good at it!!

I’m so proud of you my beautiful girly girl ❤️😘💞


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