Video would help…..

I guess it would help if the video had uploaded properly for her cheerleading in my last post…..

I think I fixed it and it should be there now…… I hope lol……


This is what my girl does :)

This is a video from Juju’s latest show!!! 

It’s her cheerleading routine that she and the rest of her special needs team perform.

Here they were performing in a fundraiser show that helps Wiaih. An amazing organization that does so much for special needs families…..

They are an amazing group and they are amazing in what they do ☺️☺️!!!


Homework time!

I have a child that right now enjoys doing homework! I’m definitely enjoying this while it lasts lol.

She prepares it all including which colour markers she is going to use 🙂

She is so good with colour, I can’t wait to see what her finished page looks like ☺️

We have been working on this a long time :)…..

We have been working a long time on getting Juli to be able to write and spell her name.  As you can see from the picture below she is making great progress!!

Her name written on the bottom was done by her OT and Julianna copied it on top. She wrote it out all by herself :).

I was over the moon with Joy when I saw this!!

Many other times her OT has been working on this with her and Juli just didn’t have the patience or the ability to sit still long enough to get through being able to write all of the letters but this time she did, so this is major for us :).

She is even learning to spell her name out loud. She used to not be able to say past the “I”, but just this past therapy session she came out of it and proudly spelled out the whole “j-u-l-i-a-n-n-a!”

She has also been working on drawing people and putting all of the right body parts in the right places as well. This is another big accomplishment for her. She had to be coached up until now and this drawing from her last session she did the person all on her own!

WOW :)!!

She is making so much progress. Super proud Mom here!!!


2014-06-24 21.56.38

A drawing accomplishment :)


Juli’s OT has been working on getting her to draw her family or people in general.

Up until now she has only drawn a circle for the head and then had the arms and legs coming out of the head with no body.  She has been trying since the beginning to teach Juli about the different parts of the body and where to draw them.

She has been able to do it with total prompting, being told what to draw and where, then she would do it…

Until now. This came home from school. When I saw it in her box I asked her teacher about it. I asked it she did it on her own or if they had guided her on how to draw the whole thing.  They have been working with her on the same objective and her teacher proudly said that she had done this all on her own :).

I’m so proud of her and this accomplishment!!!

All of her working on MatMan with Stephanie has led her to accomplish this :).

We pulled out a double sided drawing easel (one side chalk and one side erasable marker) that one of my friends gave to her a year or two ago and she drew the family this weekend.  She was even telling us as she went along what she was drawing.  She was SO proud to show us that she could do it and I just had to share the good news with her OT Stephanie yesterday :).

Stephanie said that she has been playing the MatMan song for Juli each session so that she has the song guiding her along on what do draw, but that she has been leanving it up to Juli to draw the proper thing.  She said that yesterday was the first time that Juli has drawn it all on her own with only MatMan guiding her!!

These may be small steps, but they are as big as the world to me.  Every step she takes and every accomplishment she makes shows me what an awesome girl my daughter is :).

I’m so proud of you my sweet love, keep up the great work my big girl !!!

My Mother’s Day Card from Juli :)…

IMG_1356               IMG_1355

This is the beautiful card that Juli made for me for Mother’s Day :).  It is in French as she is going to a french speaking school. Where we live now is a high French environment. It is giving her a chance to learn the language and the school is awesome regarding the fact that she doesn’t know the language. They are so patient with her and repeat things in English for her if she doesn’t understand them in French :)…

It says: “Mom! I made this gift for you. I love playing with you. Happy Mother’s Day. ”  I love it!!  She chose what to glue on and it comes straight from her heart.  She was SO excited to give it to me :).

It has been a little while since I have made a post and I thought I would make this one a happy thoughts post :).

A lot has been going on and I will fill you all in with some more posts, I just wanted to share this and a few more of her art things before I forget.

So here is this one and another accomplishment will follow in the next post :).

Juli’s Easter Art

Juli made a really nice art project for Easter. She is very proud of it.

She showed it to me and was naming all of the different shapes that she put on it.  This is not a project that she just went to town with and had fun. This is was one that had a purpose to it and her teachers taught her specifically about Easter. They guided her through this project.

Her teachers actually expressed how impressed they were with her during this project. She really tried to make the effort to sit as long as she could and listen to what to put.  She really tried to do her best to follow the guiding they gave her. She was able to focus on this for almost 14 minutes. Usually she can’t go past 10 minutes, so they were really impressed – and so am I!

She was actually telling me about the different shapes in her design, as well as how her teachers were telling her all about Easter.

She can’t really tell me what her teachers taught her as she doesn’t understand the real meaning yet, but the fact that she remembered some of what her teachers said and she remembered all about the different shapes she put, I was quite impressed :).

Here is this special art that she made :)…

2014-04-19 21.43.26

It says on the bottom L’histoire des Pacques, this means “The history of Easter”.

Her art has flowers, bunnies, eggs, and a sheep on it. I’m not exactly sure why there is a clover on it though :). And she colored the background.

I’m so proud of her effort in this :)!

Great job Juli!!

A few more of Juli’s pieces :)….

I absolutely love Juli’s painting and art work.

This new school focuses a lot on the kids creativity and this is one of the things I love about this school.  That and the fact that Juli really does seem happy there.

Tuesday is music day, Wednesday is art day and Thursday is activity or exercise day.

Here are a few more pieces that Juli has proudly made and couldn’t wait to bring home for me to see 🙂

And I am excited to share them with you…

The first two are her paintings and the third one she is practicing drawing her lines and attempting shapes.  She is not there yet, but she is trying. She really wants to try and make them. I am very proud of her for that :).

2014-04-14 20.32.34     2014-04-14 20.33.58     2014-04-14 20.35.22

As you can see in the first picture she is so proud. She insisted on holding this one up for me to take the picture lol.  This is good!  I always want her to be confident and proud as that will keep giving her the drive to push forward ad continue to improve.

So enjoy my Juli’s lovely art work :)!!


We brought these home today :)

    Juli’s art just amazes me and makes me so proud:). One of the main reason is because I am so happy she loves art as well as colors and is very artistic. I’m not, lol, but I wish … Continue reading

Accomplishments from OT

Juli has been working very hard in occupational therapy. Stephanie is trying to have her work on her fine motor skills by having her work on connecting lines and tracing her name.

Juli is impressing me with this! She is getting better and better with tracing 🙂

She still has a hard time with the letters. This is to be expected though. She is practicing a lot and I am proud of the improvements that she is making.

She doesn’t know what all of the letters are that she is tracing but she is learning them and I think she now knows the “o” and the “U”.

I am attaching a couple of pictures so you can see her progress and why I am so proud 🙂

2014-04-08 20.57.02 2014-04-08 20.57.30

Juli was ale to connect each of the butterflies to its partner and the same with the caterpillars.  This is something she just learned to be able to do as before she would need the dots in order for it to be a straight line. Now she is making fairly straight lines without the dots!!  So awesome 🙂

For the tracing her name picture Stephanie wrote the short version of her name, then she makes all of the letters below in yellow so that Juli can trace them and learn them.  Yesterday they didn’t have time to do the last “N” and “A” in her name lol.

But isn’t it awesome how well she did it!!??

I am so super proud of her accomplishments 🙂

She finally let me take a picture…

She finally let me take a good picture of her wearing the crown she was so proud to make in therapy last Monday.  She hasn’t been able to put it on a lot lately as her sensory issues have been making it really difficult.  I think the edges of the paper were really bothering her.

She has not worn it much this past week, so getting a picture of her when she is actually wearing it has not been easy lol….

She often does not like me taking pictures and gets very shy for the camera. Many times I have tried to take a picture of her and she just about goes into hysterics when I try to.

I always have to ask her before I take a picture of her or I have to sneak them lol.

When I do get them I am very happy I did :).  The only way I got her to let me take this one was by telling her to show everyone her Peppa pig video that she was watching on my tablet.  She was really enjoying watching the videos and wanted me to take a picture of that. I just was lucky that she was wearing the crown at the same time.

Here she is wearing her special made crown.


Another lovely surprise

2014-03-26 21.03.44

Juli really loves art day at school.

This was another piece that she has made that was ready to come home today.

I was happy to see the shapes that she cut and glued on it. She loves to cut with scissors and she really needs to practice this as she is very behind with using scissors. I am so happy to see that she is getting to work on this in her artwork.

I’m sure her teachers helped her with this project and that is fine as it helps her to accomplish it which in turn helps to keep her self confidence boosted.

Just the fact that she used some scissors and got more practice is what is important for her :).

I found this waiting for me when I dropped Juli at school today…

2014-03-25 20.34.46

This is absolutely amazing.

Juli painted this!  I say it is absolutely amazing because months ago when we started the occupational therapy with her she couldn’t have handled anything touching her hands because of her extreme sensory issues.

Now after a year of weekly therapy my daughter is able to stick her hands in finger paint and create this beautiful piece of art!

She still has a very hard time with thicker substances on her fingers such as glue, but that will come in time.  This week was done last week, and it means that she was able to use a loose, liquid substance like finger paint and make this painting for us.

Awesome, awesome, awesome… Can you tell I’m so proud of her 🙂